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Jade Roller + Gua Sha Set

balance + calm luxe beauty ritual


Rose Quartz Roller + Gua Sha Set

self love + confidence luxe beauty ritual


Rose Quartz Roller

self love + confidence


Jade Roller

balance + calm



“So soothing, cute and effective. The packing is so visually pleasing it makes you feel like you're getting yourself a gift--which you are! The jade is so cooling on your face that it feels like it's been stored in the fridge. It's great if you get tension headaches or just want to give yourself a DIY facial.”

- Julia
“I absolutely love this Jade roller. I’ve been using it for just 3 days and I can already see the difference. I use it right after applying my facial oil and it works wonders. It helps everything soak and absorb into my skin making it brighter and less puffy!”


“It adds an extra amount of self care and relaxation at the end of the day after I’ve done my night time routine... My under eye area is less puffy than before, and I haven’t changed anything there except for rolling around my eyes with the roller!”


“This would make an amazing gift! I am going to get one for my daughter! A great reminder to center and refocus on our inner well-being. I love what the brand stands for and how they conveyed that message. This is much more than just a jade roller - it's a call to wellness! But the jade roller is pretty amazing too!”