Ep. 6 Overcoming Fear & Making Bold Decisions

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Decisions, decisions! We totally understand how hard decision making can be and struggle with making tiny decisions (decision fatigue, anyone?!) In this episode we take a closer look at the decision making process and evaluate the steps required to make a smart, bold decision. We talk through getting over fear and everything getting in the way of deciding on something. We also explore how powerful some decisions are and how being brave in a small moment can completely transform your life!

We also talk about:

Decision fatigue

How to get over the fear of making big decisions

How to know if you should GO for it!

Being bold in your decisions

Our experience with big decisions

Manifesting your future

Owning your voice & quieting the noise

Self Adore Intention:

How can you be bold with your voice to respect yourself in big or small decisions this week?


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