Stories & Strategies on trusting your intuition and stepping into your higher self with Charlie Stephens of The Substrand Podcast

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In today’s episode we have a curious, authentic, and insightful conversation with the incredible Charlie Stephens. Charlie is the host of the Substrand podcast and he is also a travel lover, Virgo, and such a light everywhere he goes! This conversation goes beyond a typical interview- we cover so many interesting topics and dive deeper than ever before. We sipped some delicious and heart opening cacao together, set intentions and opened up about each of our self love & personal growth journeys. It was interesting and moving to hear a male’s perspective on self love and so many interesting topics. Charlie has this amazing ability to inspire people to tap into their energy & potential in so many ways. We’re so grateful to have shared space with this wonderful human… we can’t wait for you to hear the magic he shares! 

Some topics that we dive into: 

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