Tapping into high vibe energy & bringing your vision to life with Four Moons Spa Founders, Courtney Mars and Letha Sandison

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Today we are joined by the lovely and creative Founders of Four Moons Spa in Encinitas, California, Courtney Mars and Letha Sandison. Four Moons Spa is such a dreamy, intentional, one of a kind space which Courtney + Letha have really built a community around. In this episode they share the story of how the universe worked its magic to bring them together and create such a unique and beautiful vision. They get into specifics about what they’ve learned from building Four Moons Spa, from empowering entrepreneurship advice to the biggest struggles they’ve faced, how they’ve overcome them, and so much more! They also dive into some incredible advice on self love and share the practices that have transformed their lives. We learned so much from these wonderful women and are excited for you to enjoy this one! XO

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