Step into your AUTHENTICITY! 🦋 Top tips on aligning with your soul’s purpose 💥

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Let’s talk about authenticity… it’s such a buzz word and it can be hard to tap into your authenticity with so much noise from social media & external factors. In today’s episode we’re here to chat all about authenticity + share our personal experiences/struggles with working towards authenticity. We explore the ins and outs of what it means to live an authentic life and do things that feel authentic to you. We open up about how we felt at different points in our lives when we felt misaligned & how we knew we needed to make a shift. You deserve to live authentically and feel like you’re putting your magic into the world— we love you! XO

Some topics we cover:

Our tips on connecting to yourself + how to tap in

Why living an authentic life is so important & transformative

Defining what’s authentic to you & determining your values 

Ways to tell that you may not be living in alignment

What living in alignment can feel like (our personal experiences)

Bringing a sense of mindfulness into the social media you’re consuming 

Self worth & the importance of raising yours in order to live in alignment


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