Ep. 1 Self Adore Official Preview Episode! What Self Adore Means, Why it’s a Non-Negotiable, & Why you Should Tune In!

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Welcome to the preview episode of the Self Adore podcast, a space that is reimagining self love. Official Launch: June 17!

SELF ADORE: Verb | The ultimate and unconditional form of cherishing and treasuring yourself deeply. Discovering new ways to love yourself with passion and in a way that is rooted in exceptional self respect.

Tune in each week to hear topics from self care, wellness, passion, mindfulness, and personal growth. Self Adore is hosted by Elly Bannon and Clea Martin, two female entrepreneurs inspired by what it feels like to truly step into your magic and allow self love to flow into your world. Through sharing experiences and bringing on thoughtful guests, Self Adore is here to inspire you to discover and be curious about different forms of self love.
We are making self love feel more inviting and empowering. Consider this our love letter to you. Thanks for spending time with us! xoxo

What you can expect from Self Adore:

A new podcast episode EACH WEEK where we have empowering & engaging conversations around self care, health & wellness, self love, entrepreneurship, mindfulness, & more! We will be answering your juicy questions & interviewing leaders in self care to share their powerful stories to show you the many ways that Self Adore can look!

Our favorite products and resources! Through our self love journey we have and are consistently testing products, trying resources, finding new experiences and reading new books / seeking inspo! We want to share that with you as well! We will only share our favorites and things we highly recommend.

Questions? We will answer any and all questions at the end of each episode - email them to selfadore@honeyandbe.com

Content that shares actionable ways to adore yourself. Steps you can actually take to practice and cultivate self love to help you step into your most inspired, empowered self.

A safe space/ community you can trust to share your journey, ask questions, & spark meaningful conversations about self love, self care, & everything in between.

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Kintsugi Wellness by Candice Kumai |  Book filled with self love tips inspired by Candice’s Japanese roots + delicious veggie udon recipe! Shop on Amazon here

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