Kelly Bloodgood - Her Brave Journey with Lyme Disease + The Benefits of Red Light Therapy

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Today we are joined by Kelly Bloodgood, owner of Well + Good Health Studio in Hermosa Beach, California! Kelly shares her powerful and emotional story around being bit by a tick at a young age and her battle with lyme disease. She opens up about her journey around healing, recovery, being brave, and learning to trust her body through this process. Well + Good Health studios is a space with Infrared Sauna Pods, Pressotherapy, Red Light- all treatments that really aided Kelly’s wellness journey and made her feel better. Kelly is on a mission to share her journey with others and bring a community together of people together - which is why she started the studio in the first place. 

We also talk about: 

Benefits of Red Light Therapy for the body, the skin & the mind

Being gentle with yourself through hardships

Listening to your body when it’s telling you something

Holistic wellness + the impact it can have 

The power of a positive mindset & shifting your perspective

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