Ep. 15 10 Powerful and life changing self love lessons

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Today's episode is a surprise for our Clea babe. It is an episode that celebrates her and all the light that she is in this world. The episode today is a solo episode with Elly, where she is chatting 10 life long, self LOVE, self adoring lessons that Clea has taught her and so many others this past year. Elly dives into tops like the importance of slowing down and how to do so, tuning into your mind, body and soul needs, why letting go of things that do not fill you up will CHANGE your life and the power in self forgiveness. Elly also shares the biggest sign that you are on a healthy self love journey and how Clea has supported that process.

We also talk about: 

slow mornings and fueling your body

recovering from an off day and accepting it

the importance of learning new things as it relates to self love

taking a step back and learning to exude love 

Self Adore Intention: 

Channel your brightest light and pause for a moment of reflection. what is one thing you can do TODAY to change your relationship with yourself and practice deeper self love? Start with these lessons! 

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