Ep. 14 Connect to your authentic self, control your reality, propel your potential & HOW to be present with yoga teacher, Alex Artymiak

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On this episode we are joined by the incredible Alex Artymiak. Alex is a powerful yoga teacher that offers a unique and deep perspective on connecting the mind, body and soul. Alex is a wealth of knowledge around yoga, the mind, history and philosophy. Tune in to expand your mind and change your world! On this episode he offers wisdom on how to achieve your true potential and how to change your reality. Alex has created a space to discover a deeper understanding of who we are and what we are capable of. On this episode we dive into how to be present on and off the mat, how self love is truly dependant on what your mind is open to, and what it feels like when you actively decide to change your reality. 

We also talk about: 

Yoga practices and its power

An intense visualization that will change your yoga practice

Expanding your energy level on a daily basis

Resistance in life and how to navigate it

Navigating your “seed” thoughts and flipping that narrative

Defining your reality and how to change it

Love, inwards and outwards. Why love is key


Corepower yoga studio

Meditative Vibes yoga experience

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Author: Alan Wats

Author: Ram Dats

Book: Be Here Now

Learn more: Alex’s Website: https://www.alexartymiak.com/

Follow Alex on Instagram @insight_yoga

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