Ep. 13 Manifest & Hustle for your Dreams, Cultivate Self Love & Meditation with Erica Kmiec Galia, Founder of Rooted Beings

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On this episode we are joined by the lovely and inspiring Erica Kmiec Galia, Founder of Rooted Beings meditation studio in Manhattan Beach, California. We explore the power of meditation, astrology, crystal healing, self love as it relates to following your intuition & stepping into what fills you up! Erica dives into how she manifested & worked hard to make her dreams become her reality. She shares everything about her manifestation process from intention setting, visualization & planting the seed of an idea, to nurturing it with small actions. She also shares how she built a community of connection, community, stillness & peace in the South Bay. She gets into how she built Rooted Beings, her beautiful meditation studio in Manhattan Beach and what inspired the idea. Stay tuned for the end where Erica so beautifully shares a Self Adore intention with the Self Adore Community & reminds us that we are ALL worthy of our dreams! 

We also talk about:

Universal energy & how it works to help you to follow your soul’s purpose 

Being with yourself, embracing yourself just as you are

Erica’s experience with astrology & her natal chart reading + how she incorporated her rising sign, sun sign & moon sign into her life

How Erica uses crystals for intention setting & all about her favorite crystals

How to shift the narratives going on in your head & rewrite the stories

Her vision behind Rooted Beings, her meditation studio in Manhattan Beach

How mantra-based meditation can clear your mind, fill you up with self love & expand your world

Erica’s experience with new moon circles- how to connect to the Earth & community around you 

How to tune into your intuition in your self love journey 

Erica’s favorite affirmations to boost self love: “I radiate beauty, confidence & grace” & “Peace begins with me”

Why a “soul morning” is a non negotiable for Erica + simple, actionable morning routine tips

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