Ep. 11 ALIGN with your soul’s purpose! Supercharge your self love practice with Eileen Shoals, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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We are honored to have interviewed the inspiring Eileen Shoals who we have personally worked with and admired for years! Eileen Shoals is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of California with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She serves her local and global community as a spiritually conscious therapist. In this capacity, Eileen works with individuals who are recovering from addiction, trauma and the stigma associated with psychiatric labels. She has more than 18 years of service in the mental and emotional health field. Her experience includes working as a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, chemical dependency program manager and director, as well as the program administrator of a residential treatment facility providing psychiatric services. 

In this powerful episode, Eileen shares her insights on how to align with your soul’s truth and guides us through many transformative self love exercises and affirmations! She sets a Self Adore intention for us at the end that is structured like a guided meditation, which we absolutely loved. Listen with an open mind and heart, and you will receive what you need. Eileen’s sessions have changed our lives, and we’re so excited to share her magic with you 

We also talk about: 

The power of authenticity as it relates to self love

How you can realize when you’re not aligned with your highest truth & how to move forward with living your soul’s truth

“Cutting the Cord” exercise- let go of something that doesn’t serve you

What 5th dimensional consciousness is + why it’s so powerful

The signs that you’re not dealing with emotional intensities- what you should be noticing 

The process of healing from emotional intensity & dysregulation

The power of affirmations in self love & where you can begin with affirmations

How to create affirmations for your self love practice 

A powerful guided self love affirmation practice 

Information on sound baths, singing bowls

Tips on how to not let anxiety get the best of you

Manifestation practices & how to manifest your dreams (with the help of crystals)


If you feel called to connect with Eileen, email her at: eileenshoals@gmail.com and visit: http://actfamilycounseling.com/index.php/eileen-shoals/  

Crystal Bible by Judy Hall (book)

Everyday Crystal Rituals (book) 

Crystal Prescriptions (book)

Crystal singing bowl 

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