Ep. 10 Mindset is a choice! HOW to carry on - a vulnerable, real & honest conversation!

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CARRY ON BABE, you deserve to shine through the hard times! We’re here for you this week with one of our most vulnerable and honest conversations about how to practice self love when things feel extremely difficult! We get real about some struggles we’re going through that are making self love feel challenging and the things we are incorporating into our lives to overcome these obstacles. Self love isn’t always peaches and sunshine and we want you to know that we’re here for you through it ALL. The beautiful thing about feeling down is that you have the ability to pick yourself back up! Adore yourself enough to SHOW UP for yourself when things aren’t so amazing and watch everything change...

We also talk about: 

The importance of forgiveness and letting perfection go

Why embracing your emotions is such a beautiful thing

Accepting and having gratitude for all of your feelings, even when it’s hard

Hot tips on things we do to lift ourselves up when we don’t feel our best

How to turn a “bad” day into a better one with a simple mindset shift


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How can you care for your mind, body and soul this week? Inspire your mind, fuel your body and honor your soul. XO

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