Ep. 8 Aly French & Erica Stein: the boss babes behind the Courageous Wellness Podcast on discovering self love & mindset through wellness!

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In this episode we interview two of our favorite ladies, Aly French & Erica Stein of the Courageous Wellness Podcast! We dive into how their powerful wellness journeys, how they got started in their wellness space, how self love impacts wellness, & so much more! The Courageous Wellness Podcast is one of our favorite resources for all things wellness. Aly & Erica interview powerful voices in the wellness space & share their courageous stories so beautifully. We are always inspired by their ability to share their own wellness journeys and share such valuable wellness tips with their audience. They are absolutely lovely- we hope you enjoy this powerful episode as much as we do!

We also talk about: 

How to shift your mindset about wellness 

How to quiet the noise from social media & incorporate more intuition into your wellness practices

How spirituality & Buddhism plays a role in Aly & Erica’s self love journeys

How to create a morning routine that will set you up for success

How to find someone who can support you on your wellness journey

Juicy, tangible tips on boosting your wellness 


Learn more: www.courageouswellnesspodcast.com 

Find Aly & Erica and the Courageous Wellness Podcast here!

Instagram & Facebook: @courageouswellness

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