Ep. 4 Glow from within! How to evaluate your skin and change your routine

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Skin is IN! Skincare is a huge passion of ours and a big part of our day to day life, since we started Honey & Be. We have tested out hundreds of products and want to share the best of the best with you. In this episode we walk you how we fell in love with skincare and explain how inner beauty has completely shifted our confidence. We discuss the importance of taking care of your skin vs. covering up with makeup, and how that has changed our lives. In this episode we also chat about how to change your relationship with makeup into a creative space vs. a "need."

We also talk about:

How to evaluate your skin and what it needs

3 DIY face masks that we love

The power of bringing mindfulness into beauty

Why taking care of your sweet skin matters

How we got to a place of feeling our most beautiful without makeup

Our skin care routines and what works for us


Youth to the People Superfood Skin Reset Mask

Sunscreen we love

Apple cider vinegar

Clay for DIY

Best honey for DIY

Organic brown sugar for DIY

Face mists

Olive + M Facial Oil

Caudalie Serum

Podcast microphone we use

Podcast headphones we use

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