Ep. 3 Our Entrepreneurship Journey - A crazy story + how we started and built our e-commerce brand

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This episode was SUCH a fun one for us to record! In this juicy episode we walk you through our entrepreneurship journeys from the start- from the amazing moments, the struggles, the mindset shift, the growth, & everything in between! We started our self care brand, Honey & Be in February 2018 and are so proud of how far we’ve taken our company & community! We can’t wait to chat all about entrepreneurship with you- tune in for our powerful insights & the funny story of how Honey & Be was born on a cross country road trip!

We also talk about:

The power of ideas

How to bring an idea to life

Why we felt called to start our self care brand, Honey & Be

Steps we took to grow our Honey & Be in the e-commerce & wholesale space

How to know when to go after an idea

3 hot entrepreneurship tips

Our #1 tip for your most productive morning

Weekly Self Adore Intention:

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Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

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