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September 19, 2019

Facial massage has SO many benefits, and using a beauty tool like a jade roller or rose quartz roller is the perfect way to get an at-home post spa glow. You've seen them everywhere, but how do you use these pretty tools?! Here is the ultimate, step by step guide to using a jade roller or rose quartz roller!


  1. Set your self care intention

All of our jade rollers and rose quartz rollers come with a self care intention setting card, which is something that we really believe in! Setting an intention allows you to be mindful during your self care practice and turns your every day skin care routine into an intentional beauty ritual. You will love the feeling of slowing down and connecting to what you need! If you’d like to share your intentions on social media, use the #honeyandbe to inspire others and so we can see and share your beautiful intentions! We’d love to hear your self care story and how your self care intention impacted your life.

  1. Prep the Skin

Apply your favorite serum, facial oil, or moisturizer to freshly cleansed skin. If you need a recommendation, we did a post all about our favorite serums here! Applying a product will allow your jade roller or rose quartz roller to glide smoothly on your skin and maximize your glow.

  1. Get Rolling

Starting at the neck and working up the face, roll in upward and outward motions always (this helps promote lymphatic drainage!). Repeat each motion at least 3 times in all areas of your face.

Cleaning your Jade & Rose Quartz Rollers

Like any beauty tool, your jade roller or rose quartz roller loves to be taken care of and functions best when it’s well maintained! The Honey & Be Jade Roller & Rose Quartz Facial Roller are made from 100% certified authentic stones and are meant to be used delicately. Using a damp cloth and some mild soap, gently wipe down your Jade Roller or Rose Quartz Roller. Dry your roller completely with a separate dry cloth before storing. You can use a makeup wipe instead if you’re on the go!

Check out our IGTV video here to watch a tutorial on how to clean your Rollers.

Pro tips:

  • Store your Jade Roller or Rose Quartz Roller in the refrigerator for extra de-puffing effects. Try doing this first thing in the morning while you’re sipping on some matcha!
  • Do not submerge your Jade Roller or Rose Quartz Roller under water.
  • If you notice that your roller is squeaking after you cleanse it, we recommend applying some argan oil (or any other non-comedogenic oil) to help the roller roll smoothly & take care of any squeak. The Honey & Be Jade & Rose Quartz Rollers are totally 100% squeak proof so skip this step if you're using our facial rollers :)

Where to store your Jade & Rose Quartz Rollers

The Honey & Be Jade & Rose Quartz Roller boxes are extremely durable and protect the product well, so they’re perfect to take on the go… to your office, on vacation, to the beach, or anywhere that you want to practice self care!

The Honey & Be Jade Roller & Rose Quartz Roller boxes & your self care intention card are meant to be kept in place somewhere that you can see them every day... a desk, a nightstand, a bathroom, a closet shelf. Our hope is that our box, your intention card and your roller will sit pretty in your home and remind you to practice the self care that you deserve!

Pro tips:

  • Store your roller in its pouch or box whenever you can to protect the delicate stone.
  • If you’re putting your roller in the refrigerator, keep it in its soft travel pouch to keep it sanitary… away from your fruits and veggies :) A beauty mini fridge (they’re so cute!) has been a huge trend lately and is definitely on our wish list.
  • If you store your jade roller or rose quartz roller in your bathroom, make sure you keep it in its box to keep it out of contact with steam from the shower.

If you ever have any questions about the Honey & Be Facial Roller or just want to chat about self care, please reach out to us here!

With sweetness,


Elly & Clea