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June 3, 2020

Imagine a morning that looks a little something like this… you wake up, open your blinds, you close your eyes and meditate for a few minutes, go to your fridge to grab some fresh slices of juicy lemon to make your lemon water, you then grab your Honey & Be beauty tool pouch from the fridge… you head to the bathroom to wash your face and apply your favorite skincare, then sit down and get cozy with your lemon water and voila! You get a moment to yourself to use your facial roller or gua sha and indulge in a mindful beauty ritual before you go about your day. 

Sounds so zen, right? This is the ultimate vision & message that Honey & Be is putting out there with our beauty tools. We truly want them to be your invitations to  s l o w  d o w n  and incorporate more mindfulness to create beauty rituals that add so much value to your days. Facial massage is such a beautiful way to incorporate intention into your beauty routine. Beauty tools have a cult following & people are obsessing over them for so many reasons, especially what they can do for your skin. 

Curious about experiencing some major facial roller benefits for yourself- mind & skin? We’ve compiled our best facial massage tips, tricks to create the ULTIMATE guide to facial rollers & all the facial roller benefits that you can experience from using these beauty tools! 

If you haven’t tried a face roller or experienced facial massage yet, you’re in for a serious treat. They’re truly so versatile and that makes them the perfect addition to seriously any skincare routine.

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Let’s break down the benefits of facial rolling and show how these beauty tools will elevate your skincare routine...


  • Facial Roller Benefits: MORE MINDFULNESS- We believe in skincare with intention, and that’s why we included this benefit first. Bringing mindfulness into any beauty routine is at the core of Honey & Be and what we stand for! The Honey in Honey & Be represents this idea that we all deserve to be sweet to ourselves. The Be in Honey & Be represents the presence & mindfulness that comes along with using beauty tools and practicing an intentional beauty ritual. Using a facial roller will allow you to bring more mindful moments into your every day and indulge in the self care that will make you feel your absolute best. We recommend trying out your facial roller or gua sha at different times of the day (mornings, afternoons, evenings) and see what makes you feel best. Using your intuition is ultimately what makes self care such a powerful learning process. When you feel good from within, it truly shows in your skin, the way you carry yourself & the energy you put into the world.
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  • Facial Roller Benefits: REDUCE PUFFINESS- Facial massage with a facial roller targets puffiness in your face and works to reduce it drastically! One of the KEY facial roller benefits is lymphatic drainage. When you practice facial rolling you are literally removing toxins from under your skins delicate tissues. There are lymph nodes behind your ears and under your chin. Think of lymph nodes as little filters for toxins, similar to how blood vessels filter blood through your respiratory system. The face however, does not move the same way the rest the body does, which is why facial massage is important to get things moving! The fluids under your skin and in your delicate facial tissue must be moved to your lymph nodes in order for proper filtration of bacteria and viruses. When there is an excess of fluids, the face can get inflamed and blockages in the pores can also occur, resulting in acne. Other hot tips to reduce puffiness in the face include drinking more water & staying hydrated, cutting back on salt intake & sleeping with a pillow propping your head up. 
  • Facial Roller Benefits: LIFTS & SCULPTS FOR YOUTHFUL, PLUMP SKIN- The true magic of facial massage comes when you consistently use the tool over time, but one of the instant results that you will notice immediately is a more lifted & sculpted appearance. Facial massage sculpts the face by tightening muscles and removing excess fluids, revealing tighter and more youthful looking skin!  There are SO many facial massage techniques that you can use to create a lifted, sculpted, toned face. Using the Honey & Be facial roller & gua sha combo is the best way to target the neck area, the jawline, cheekbones & under eye area.

  • Facial Roller Benefits: WORKS TO PREVENT FINE LINES & WRINKLES- Facial massage relaxes muscles which eliminates fine lines in the skin where wrinkles tend to set. This is seriously a game changer when it comes to being preventative & proactive with preventing signs of aging. Gua sha is even referred to as a form of “natural botox” because of its ability to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from setting, which creates a blurred effect on the skin. So many people swear by facial massage with a facial roller or a gua sha and consider it to be a non invasive anti aging treatment that takes a few minutes a day. If you want to see some real, untouched & unfiltered before & after photos of facial roller benefits, check out our blog post all about facial rolling before & after HERE! There is so much retouching that happens in facial massage marketing & in the beauty community in general. We really hope to shed some light on this and show you what facial massage ACTUALLY does for your skin. Over time, you can expect some pretty insane results (but NOT the crazy fake overly photoshopped pics you’ll see from some other facial roller brands trying to market their products to you).
  • Facial Roller Benefits: RELIEVES TENSION- One of the most underrated facial roller benefits is definitely the tension it relieves in your facial muscles. Have you ever been in a yoga or meditation class where they say “okay, now unclench your jaw” or “relax your facial muscles” and you didn’t even realize you were working those muscles?! So crazy. Using a facial roller or gua sha to relieve TMJ pain in the jaw and tension in the facial muscles is a total game changer. You can also use a facial roller or gua sha to relieve pain from sinus pressure & headaches by applying a tiny bit of peppermint essential oil and massaging out the affected area. These beauty tools are such multi taskers… their benefits go far beyond the skincare benefits. Using them when you need to relieve some pain, pressure or tension will help you feel more relaxed, in less pain!

  • Facial Roller Benefits: GETS THINGS FLOWING- Using a Facial Roller boosts blood circulation & promotes collagen production like nothing you’ve tried before. This will work to “detox” what’s going on underneath your skin and give you a major glow. You know that feeling when you just step out of an invigorating workout like a run or a yoga flow? Think of facial massage as your skin’s way of experiencing that post workout feeling and experiencing benefits along with it. When you take a step back to think about it, facial massage is a no brainer… why do many of us spend so much time moving and working out the muscles in our bodies and not thinking about the 43 (!!!) muscles in our faces?! It’s SO important to get the blood flowing & the muscles moving. There’s a reason why you always look & feel your best after a workout- think rosy cheeks, heightened mood, tightened & toned muscles. Now, imagine that feeling in your face… magic!
  • Facial Roller Benefits: MAXIMIZES YOUR SKINCARE PRODUCTS-  Using a facial roller will help any products you use on your skin absorb properly which helps maximize their benefits. Here are some of our favorite products to use with a facial roller or a gua sha!

Best products to use with your Honey & Be Facial Roller for maximum facial roller benefits: 

  • Sheet mask (option to cool in the fridge for a de-puffing & refreshing touch)
  • Eye patches (option to cool in the fridge along with your roller for major depuffing)
  • Serum of your choice that works with your skin (we love a brightening serum)
  • Facial oil (we love the Olive + M face oil)!

Best products to use with your Honey & Be Gua Sha for maximum gua sha benefits

  • Facial oil (you should try and use facial oil with a gua sha to help the tool glide safely over the skin, even under serum. If you’re prone to breakouts, make sure you pick up a non comedogenic facial oil like argan oil, rosehip seed oil, etc.)
  • Serum of your choice that works with your skin (we love a brightening serum)

Now that you know some of the best facial roller benefits and understand what these beauty tools do for your skin & your mind, check out our collection of Honey & Be beauty tools HERE

Want to ask us any questions about facial massage or self care? Email us at or connect with us on Instagram @honeyandbedaily- we can’t wait to chat with you :)

PS- we invite you to practice a mindful beauty ritual of your own this week, however that looks for you… get creative!


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