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June 4, 2019

It took a long time to discover what kind of self care made us feel our best. After much trial and error, lots of reflection and endless support for each other, we have finally realized a tremendous kind of self care that makes us feel like our most shining selves. Intentional experiences. Intentional experiences can be anything from a meditation class, a day trip somewhere beautiful, meeting a good friend for matcha or a gathering with wonderful people. Intentional experiences for us set us up to open our minds, allow our feelings to flow and guides us to a deeper place of self love. This past weekend, we had the opportunity to participate in a beautiful experience hosted by WMN Space. To say that it was transformative is an understatement.

This particular event was called, The Journey Within, we left feeling moved, loved, and lifted. The WMN Space Founder Paula Mallis, Spiritual Guide and Channel Lisa Devine, and Founder of the Platform Podcast Kelli Tennant came together in a synchronized flow to each offer something beautiful and creative. They guided us and about 30 other women through a heartfelt afternoon of exploring this idea of “The Divine Feminine.”

WMN Space is located in Culver City, CA. So, if you are from the LA area, this is a must for you. Elly drove from San Diego and felt like the trip was MUCH worth it. We highly recommend this experience to anyone in the Southern Cali area or if you are planning on visiting… put this on your list. If you are interested in visiting WMN Space, here is a little more about them and what you can expect.

WMN Space inspires connection, collaboration, healing, service, and community. They are all about this concept of gathering- gathering women together to support women on their journey of womanhood and motherhood. Their space offers the most beautiful experiences, classes, and events for women and mothers who want to connect to their femininity in a deeper way.

We walked into WMN Space and were instantly transported to an inviting, airy and dreamy space filled with endless inspiration. Everything about the setup felt like it came straight from the land of calm and zen. We walked in and didn’t know where to look first! Everything caught our eye... the gorgeous light coming in, pretty plants, cream textured ceramics stacked on the shelves, thoughtfully curated products, and this high vibe energy that we’ve never felt before. It felt like every woman there was holding their heart out on their sleeve and everyone there was taking good care of each other.

We poured ourselves a cup of rose tea to sip on as we headed to the main gathering room, where we were invited to choose a spot on one of the cozy rugs on the floor. The individual rugs and cushions were set up in a circle, all good energy facing forward. The gathering space was filled with light, love, and this indescribable surge of energy from all of the women who were there. It was beautiful to see all of these women come together with one intention in mind: to gather, connect to their feminine energy, send love outwards and integrate their learnings to better their life, however they needed.

Lisa opened up the circle by sharing her deep journey through connecting with spirit. Her vulnerability helped us understand how far she’s come in healing herself, which felt like she was sharing wings with us all to be brave enough to heal ourselves.

Kelli, moved us through the power behind taking care of your inner child and connecting your everyday life towards honoring your deepest and perhaps forgotten about needs. She shared her valuable experiences that enriched the foundation for us as we looked inward.

Lastly, Paula led the group through a beautiful mini- WMN Circle, an experience where we were able to explore the theme of finding, reflecting and honoring your Divine Feminine. She guided us through a worksheet of thought provoking questions themed around our feminine journeys. What was amazing was how she intentionally guided us through discovering tangible ways to either let go, or implement certain things into your life… based on what you need.

After completing the exercises, there was a chance to share your words if you felt called to do so. The women in the room were so open and vulnerable in sharing pieces of their stories, it was absolutely beautiful! As we looked around, we felt a sense of warmth in the room and absorbed the energy that was created between us all.

We went into the day with no expectations, open mind and hearts, and a desire to connect. We left feeling inspired and uplifted by the experiences we had. We were blown away by how much  we had learned from the women there but were also surprised by the things that we learned by connecting to our femininity. We’re eager and excited to proactively move forward with the new insights that we gathered at this event.

Our Biggest Takeaway:

Take the time to surround yourself with wonderful women! We were so moved by the power of all the healing and loving female energy. We encourage you to make gathering and looking inwards part of your self care. Discover what it can do for you!

We truly believe that the energy that you put into the world starts to become the energy that comes back to you in the form of people, experiences, and opportunities. Always surround yourself with the energy that you want to put out there. Find where that energy is, and place yourself in situations where it will find you. We encourage you to go sign up for a class in an area that inspires you, find a local event in your area, and open yourself up to new experience this month!

With sweetness,

Clea & Elly

If you are the LA area, we highly recommend WMN Space

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