Introducing Self Adore - a self love podcast & community by honey & be

October 23, 2019

Exciting NEWS!! We are so excited be announcing the launch of SELF ADORE, our new community of empowered boss babes who share their magic, live with intention, and aspire to adore themselves deeply.

Self Adore is a podcast and online community inspired by the conversations we have started with Honey & Be!

We are taking the self love convo a little bit deeper. Honey & Be will still remain as a sweet space to chat all things self care (don’t worry!) but Self Adore will be taking the self love convos one juicy step further. Our intention is to open the space of discovering what kinds of self love make you feel your best.

The self love journey is one that we are going on together! Please ask us and the community questions so we can empower each other to step into the light of Self Adore.

Head over to our Self Adore social pages and please follow along! xoxo

Instagram: @selfadoreclub

Secret Facebook Group: Self Adore

Podcast (coming soon!)

So, what is Self Adore?
To ADORE: to love, RESPECT, treasure and cherish deeply. The word adore is used in context when talking about someone else. We are CHALLENGING that and changing the conversation. It’s time for something a whole lot juicier, powerful and fierce!

Self “love” is so broad and wildly overused. It is sometimes hard to know what self *love* truly means. Important? Tremendously so. But imagine if we could break it down a little more and EXPAND our idea of what it truly and deeply means to love ourselves.

We are here to create an open space for us all to rediscover HOW to self love, regardless of what phase of life you are in. We hope to empower you to step into your magic and inspire you to Self Adore!

Self Adore will spark inspired conversations and cover topics that will support you on your journey of adoring yourself. We believe that there is a strength in opening up and sharing your story with others who share the same values.

What you can expect from Self Adore:

  • A new Self Adore Podcast episode EACH WEEK where we have empowering & engaging conversations around self care, health & wellness, self love, entrepreneurship, mindfulness, & more! We will be answering your juicy questions & interviewing leaders in self care to share their powerful stories to show you the many ways that Self Adore can look!
  • Our fave products and resources! Through our self love journey we have and are consistently testing products, trying resources, finding new experiences and reading new books / seeking inspo! We want to share that with you as well! The things that we share will only be our favorites and ones that we highly recommend.
  • Questions? We will answer any and all questions at the end of each episode - email them to
  • Empowering content that shares unique, thoughtful and actionable ways to adore yourself. We will share our own tips and steps with you that will support your navigation as you practice and cultivate your best self.
  • A safe space/ community you can trust to share your journey, ask questions and spark meaningful conversations about self love, self care, & everything in between.
  • On a mission to deliver the more helpful information to you, this podcast will bring on amazing guests that will chat about topics ranging from self love, wellness, entrepreneurship, spirituality, personal growth and everything in between.

What inspired Self Adore:

About a year ago we founded Honey & Be, a self care company on a mission to deliver self care content and products that act as physical reminders for more intentional self care. Honey & Be is set out to inspire others to discover the self care that makes them feel their absolute best. Over the course of the year, Honey & Be grew beyond what we had imagined. From the inspiration from our audience, we felt like the self care conversation could be taken so much further. While being careful not to lose sight of the amazing community we have started with Honey & Be, we took a look at how we could carefully shift. From there, we decided to expand. We thoughtfully dreamed up a space where self care and self love could be broken down and discussed on a deeper and more authentic level. This idea lead us to Self Adore.  Self love is so much more than it seems and we are so excited to open the door for that conversation to take shape.  

Self Adore is a community that together will shift the narrative around self love, making it feel more inviting and empowering. We hope to inspire you to share your magic and find new ways to adore yourself every day.

Can’t wait to Self Adore with you!


Clea & Elly