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February 5, 2020

Facial massage is such a powerful addition to your skincare routine. Read more in our blog post here. There are soo many ways to practice facial massage and different techniques that lead to different results! Two of the most popular facial massage tools are the facial roller and gua sha sculpting tool. Both beauty tools are made from stones and are excellent options for an at-home facial massage treatment.

So, how do you know which tool is for you?! Let’s break down the benefits of the two!


Simply, a facial roller is a beauty tool that is used to massage the face in a particular motion. Although you’ve probably seen a lot of this pretty tool lately in the beauty community, it actually dates back to ancient Chinese Culture! Chinese Empresses have been said to use jade rollers in their beauty routines… so cool right?! So, while this tool is trending now, it has been such a valuable part of culture throughout history and we think it is here to stay! Facial Rollers are traditionally made from authentic stones. The Honey & Be Facial Rollers are made out of certified authentic Jade and Rose Quartz. They are meant to be used in a skin care routine with a facial oil, moisturizer, or serum. For best and radiant results, we recommend using facial massage tools daily. Shop our beautiful collection here!


Facial rolling is the quickest way to experience the benefits of facial massage, so we recommend using a jade or rose quartz facial roller when you feel like you need a refreshing pick me up or relaxing moment of pause. Facial rolling provides a more delicate facial massage than gua sha and leaves skin feeling refreshed and awake. The shape of the jade and rose quartz facial roller is intended to provide a cooling facial massage, particularly on the under eye area. Stones are naturally cool to the touch, but the Honey & Be Jade and Rose Quartz Roller come with a pouch for storing yours in the fridge for extra depuffing effects! We promise this might be the most refreshing thing you have ever experienced.

  • Promotes lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness in the face
  • Releases toxins under the skin through the lymph nodes
  • Provides a targeted message to areas like the jaw or temples
  • Relaxes the facial muscles where fine lines tend to set
  • Increases circulation to bring fresh blood & nutrients for a radiant glow
  • Provides a more delicate facial massage than gua sha
  • More cooling/ depuffing than gua sha since the stones remain cool since they are not being held in the palm of your hand


Gua sha was a practice that originated in traditional Chinese medicine and was originally used on the body. This ancient practice is believed to heal the body from muscle pain, inflammation, and illness. Gua sha also is believed to move blocked “chi” or energy in the body which leads to balance and relieved tension and stiffness in the body.

Although Gua sha was traditionally used on the body, the tool is becoming increasingly popular on the face. Many even refer to the gua sha tool as the “Eastern Face Lift” or “Eastern Botox” for its ability to lift and sculpt the face and neck. Like traditional facial rollers, gua sha is made from stone and is meant to be used with a facial oil to help the stone slide smoothly without tugging on the delicate face and neck skin. The Honey & Be Gua Sha tools are beautifully hand crafted and polished from authentic Jade and Rose Quartz stones. Shop them here!


Gua Sha is a slower process than facial rolling, so we recommend using a jade or rose quartz gua sha tool when you have a bit more time to treat yourself sweet or when your face needs a little extra love. Because of the shape of the tool, gua sha provides a deeper facial massage than facial rolling and leaves your skin with a rosy glow. The Honey & Be Gua Sha is carved intentionally to lift and sculpt the face, specifically around the jaw and cheeks.


  • Promotes lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness in the face
  • Releases toxins under the skin through the lymph nodes
  • Increases circulation to bring fresh blood & nutrients for a radiant glow
  • Provides a deeper facial massage than facial rolling
  • Lifts, sculpts & tones the face for a youthful complexion
  • Aids skin in its ability to purge excess sebum/ oil buildup that leads to acne
  • The shape of the gua sha is perfect for sculpting the cheekbones & jawline
  • Can also be used to relieve tension in the shoulders/ back muscles


We believe in the power of intentional self care… listen to your body and mind to decide what kind of tools and practice you should incorporate! Often times, our body and skin give us signs that we need to pay attention to in order to best take care!

That being said, we recommend using the tool that you feel like your skin needs most in the moment! Be mindful about how your skin looks and feels to decide what tool will be best for you.

  • Is your skin feeling sensitive? Go with the facial roller!
  • Do you have some extra time to treat yourself? Use the gua sha!
  • Did you wake up with puffy eyes? Use the small end of the facial roller for a cooling and depuffing massage.
  • Are the muscles in your face feeling especially tense or stressed? Sounds like the gua sha is right for you to get deeper in your facial muscles!
  • Puffy eyes and tense jaw? Use both tools! Start with the gua sha on the jaw and then move into the smaller end of the facial roller under the eyes.

There are no rules, which is the beautiful part about curating your own beauty ritual! You know your skin and what it needs the best. The more you use your beauty tools the more intuitive this will become. The only thing you should always be doing during a facial massage practice is rolling or scraping in outward motions only. Outward motions promote the lymphatic drainage and actually remove the extra fluids and toxins. To learn more about how to specifically use each of the tools, take a look here.


Both beauty tools have such powerful benefits and are used for different reasons. We recommend treating yourself to a facial massage at least a few times a week, daily use is suggested for best results.

If you want the ULTIMATE radiant, glowing skin, try the practice twice a day! Our favorite way to incorporate both beauty tools in one day is by using the Jade or Rose Quartz Facial Roller in the AM straight from the fridge and then the Gua Sha tool at night more targeted facial massage before bed.

FINAL VERDICT: Use BOTH the facial roller and gua sha to customize your ideal facial massage routine!

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The Honey & Be Luxe Beauty Rituals are the ultimate skin care treat that gives you a spa-like complexion- minus the appointment. They come with a jade or rose quartz facial roller, a jade or rose quartz gua sha tool, a soft travel pouch, and a self care intention setting experience. Our intention was to create a mindful beauty ritual experience from start to finish and give you the ability to curate your perfect facial massage based on what you need.

Meet the Self Love + Confidence Luxe Beauty Ritual our lovely Rose Quartz Facial Roller & Gua Sha Set! The energy of the rose quartz will work with your guiding energy to promote a sense of deeper love and acceptance for yourself and others. These two beauty tools made from rose quartz stone will inspire you to fall in love yourself in a whole new way. This set infuses self love and confidence into your beauty routine so you look and feel glowing from within. This Rose Quartz Facial Roller + Gua Sha set is a perfect treat for yourself and also makes an intentional gift for someone that you love!


  • Stone of the heart (often called the Heart Stone)
  • Used as a healing stone for the body and the heart
  • Symbolizes unconditional love
  • Supports connection with others and with yourself, attracting and receiving love
  • Helps you to forgive, understand and see situations from a different perspective, helps restore trust and harmony
  • Inspires the love of beauty in oneself and others (perfect if you need more self love in your life!)
  • Soothing, comforting, & calming- a wonderful sleep crystal (keep your Rose Quartz set on your nightstand or under your pillow!)

Meet the Balance + Calm Luxe Beauty Ritual ... our dreamy Jade Facial Roller & Gua Sha set!

These two beauty tools made from jade stone invite you to slow down and recharge. This dreamy set infuses balance and calm into your beauty routine and gives you the tools to glow from within. Breathe, relax, and immerse yourself in the self care experience that you deserve.


  • Jade was used for centuries to protect from harm and promote health and natural healing
  • Promotes a distinct inner peace and a sense of calmness (bring jade with you if you know you need some calm and zen in your day!)
  • Balances the energy and enhances positivity
  • Protects from the arrival of negative energy as well as clears any already existing negative energy and thoughts
  • Works to stabilize inner emotions
  • Promotes clear thoughts, ideas, feelings, and insight

Thank you so much for stopping by- let us know if you have any questions about these beauty tools!


Clea & Elly


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