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January 8, 2020

So you have probably heard of the Jade Roller (if you haven't, take a look at this post here!) but what’s the scoop, dealio, 411, on the Rose Quartz Roller?  In short, the Rose Quartz facial roller is a variation of the Jade Roller. However, it isn't so simple and it is far from #basic. There are so many rose quartz roller benefits to consider that make it unique!

Origin: China. The practice of facial rolling has been around for centuries and there are becoming more and more ways to get creative with it. While the Jade facial roller is amazing and so dreamy, the Rose Quartz facial roller benefits are undeniable, so, let’s roll into it.

The Power of the Rose Quartz Stone:

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love. Rose quartz is believed to support a deeper connection with oneself and helps to attract and receive love. It connects the mind and body for the ultimate intentional skin care routine. The Honey & Be Rose Quartz Roller is an invitation to self care and its energy is a reminder for self love and confidence. The perfectly pink color seriously couldn't get prettier! With hues of light and darker pink, the rose quartz stone is beautiful and natural! Quartz in general is very cleansing and purifying. It wards off negative energy and clears negative thoughts. The cool thing about quartz is that it is always “charged!”

Rose quartz roller benefits: WHY WE LOVE ROSE QUARTZ FACIAL ROLLING:

Peek on for Co-Founder Elly’s Experience with Rose Quartz Roller Benefits

Elly's favorite Rose Quartz Roller Benefits:

My Honey & Be Rose Quartz Roller is the biggest reminder to slow down and practice a skincare routine that makes me feel great. It is sooo easy to just quickly wash your face and slap on some face product… however, what is the point to that? Skincare is so much more that just the product that you put on your face. Your face has such delicate skin and it needs special care.  Stress, lack of sleep, tension in the face and stagnant fluids under the skin all result in premature aging… leaving you feeling your Not so best self. Below are a few reasons that I adore my Honey Rose Quartz Roller & all of the amazing rose quartz roller benefits that come along with it.

The Shape:

The Honey Rose Quartz Roller features a smaller stone and provides a more gentle facial massage, perfect for a delicate skincare routine. Sometimes I feel like my face just needs a little energy boost. Without giving me a deep tissue massage, the Honey & Be Rose Quartz Roller does just the trick for displacing extra fluids and toxins under the skin and moving them towards my lymph nodes, which reduces puffiness!

Bye Bye Puffiness:

For a long time I struggled with puffiness under my eyes. I tried everything from tea bags, to cold spoons to every eye cream you could imagine! Puffiness under the eyes is not genetic like many people think! It is directly related to what you are putting into your body. Additionally, eye puffiness can occur from lack of sleep or hormonal changes. Puffiness occurs when there is a build of of fluids around the eye area. Because the skin around the eye is so thin, it is easy for things to be noticeable when they flare up! Sodium and lack of hydration can cause puffy eyes, so if you are going to enjoy that Top Ramen or soy sauce from last night's sushi date, be sure to hydrate up before falling asleep! Now, if you do find yourself more prone to eye puffiness in general, a Rose Quartz Roller is just the thing for you. By massaging your under eye and rolling out and away from your nose towards your temples, you are actually moving the fluid that is stuck under your eyes causing the puffiness. For me, I get puffy eyes after a night of restless sleep. After washing my face and applying my favorite facial oil, I roll my Rose Quartz Roller under my eyes. Puffiness gone! This is one of my favorite rose quartz roller benefits hands down. As far as the rose quartz roller before and after effects? We are talking major.

Product Absorption:

Ah, the rose quartz roller benefits are endless! Another reason I love my Honey Rose Quartz Roller is because it helps to maximize the products that I love the most! Have you ever bought a product for your face, whether that be a serum, moisturizer, or oil, been super excited about it and then after a few uses you find yourself thinking, “is this even working?!” Well, I totally have! Products don’t do much good for you if they are just sitting on top of your skin. They have to be absorbed and actually processed by your skin in order for them to have any actual benefit. Think of it like this… you wouldn't put soap on a dry sponge and expect it to get all bubbly and clean your dishes! You have to wet the sponge, add the soap and then massage it in for the bubbles to get going. The same thing goes for your skin, once you wash your face and exfoliate, your pores are open and ready for some love! Rolling your product into your skin helps it absorb more of all that good stuff you want it to take in. I have noticed that rolling my favorite facial oils into my skin with my Honey Rose Quartz Roller has left my skin much more hydrated, dewy, alive and all around healthier!

Do you have a Rose Quartz Roller? Let us know your favorite ways to use it! Share some of the benefits of rose quartz roller that you experience!

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Bye for now! :)