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June 4, 2019

Facial serums are a such a secret weapon. They give you a radiance that makes you feel like you glow from within. When you find the right serum, it’s like magic. Your skin looks and feels its absolute BEST! We have collected our all time fav, tried and true serums (plus a few other skincare products) to share with you. These are our long time facial product besties, so let’s jump into why we love them!


This serum is actually liquid gold in a bottle. Maybe we’re biased since oranges and sweetness is our thing, but this smells UNREAL- so sweet and citrusy... it will instantly wake up your senses! This is co-founder Elly’s top shelfie product, from the maximum hydration to lightweight feel… this has been her go-to for years! We love diffusing an orange essential oil in the morning and putting this on is a similar feeling! This serum sinks into your skin like butter and feels SO juicy and delicious. True-C Complex brightens the skin. Vitamin C derivates + antioxidants help fight visible signs of aging to keep your skin looking fresh. Collagen works to improve the elasticity in your skin, helping you look youthful and toned. The skin is nourished from the juicy orange and green tea extracts. Aloe juice is another star of the show here, that softens and conditions the skin. The reason why we love this so much is the long-lasting tightening + toning effects it has.

Caudalie- Vinoperfect Radiance Serum

Don’t even get us started on how dreamy this serum is- it’s actually co-founder Clea’s holy grail skincare product! It leaves the skin looking bright and radiant- like you just walked out of a facial appointment. Seriously, this gives you the most instant radiant glow while delivering the juiciest ingredients to your skin. It smells fresh and spa-like and feels like you’re treating yourself to a luxurious facial. It helps brighten the skin with viniferine, a natural ingredient derived from grapevine sap that is 62 times more effective at brightening than vitamin C (WHAT!). It does an amazing job at evening out the complexion- we see results after a single use. It feels soo lightweight and uses an ingredient called olive squalane to instantly hydrate without feeling heavy on the skin. You can use this serum in the morning underneath makeup for a radiant complexion, and at night to wake up to the glowiest skin of your life. When we wear this serum, our skin looks so good that we don’t feel like we need any foundation so we let our natural skin shine!

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare- C+ Collagen Brighten & Firm Vitamin C Serum

This serum is energy-generating and recharges the skin, which we love! This serum combines Vitamin C with a few ingredients and includes a proprietary energy complex which helps energize the skin. Its ingredients work to maximize the power of the Vitamin C and truly brighten and tighten the skin. We noticed that it tightened + toned the skin instantly, and truly improved the actual texture of the skin. We love using this at night to wake up refreshed and energized. Although it doesn’t smell as delicious as the Truth Serum, this truly works and we absolutely love the youthful radiance it gives the skin!

SkinCeuticals- C E Ferulic

This antioxidant rich serum is like the ultimate health food for your skin- it contains the highest concentration of vitamin C you can get, Vitamin E, & Ferulic Acid. This is such a powerful formula that protects your skin against sun damage, environmental toxins and free radicals. It also firms the skin, brightens the complexion, and tones fine lines. It is so important to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the environment (especially if you live in the city!). This formula is said to absorb into your skin for up to 72 hours! Since the ingredients are so pure, it does have a distinct smell to it and feels a bit sticky on the skin until you apply your moisturizer or sun protection over the top. Clea was recommended this by her Dermatologist and she’s so glad she gave it a try! While this serum is definitely the priciest on the list, we think it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for something to protect your sweet skin from environmental damage!


STEP 1. Cleanse before applying serums so that the serums can fully absorb into your skin and work their magic! We LOVE to exfoliate for the best results! Here are a few of our favorite exfoliators:

STEP 2. On your freshly cleansed face, place a few drops of your serum and pat onto the face, neck, and décolletage with clean hands.

STEP 3. Use the Honey & Be Jade or Rose Quartz Facial Roller to massage these products into your skin for the ultimate at-home facial!

Did you know that facial rolling allows you to get the most out of your products? Your skin will absorb these amaze facial products better with a Honey Roller!

Use the Honey & Be Rose Quartz Roller for a more delicate routine, and use the Honey & Be Jade Roller for a deeper facial massage and to release tension from the facial muscles. The dreamy crystal-infused facial massage will get you glowing from within!

Curious about more facial rolling benefits? Peek here!

Let us know if you’ve tried any of our favorites, and what your thoughts are! We would love to know what your favorite serum is... Drop us a note and us know!

Go get your glow on!


Clea + Elly