Meet the Co-Founders OF HONEY & BE

June 4, 2019

We are Elly & Clea, the co-founders and visionaries behind Honey & Be. We are soul sister business partners, creative seekers, adventure lovers, and self care enthusiasts. Our hearts are connected through the belief that self care is a journey that we all are invited to. Honey & Be came to life during a time when self care had somehow fallen last on our priority list. We knew something had to change, but we didn't know where to begin. Honey & Be soon became our creative vision to cultivate this change.

Determined to find daily reminders and unique ways to practice self care, we got to work on thinking about products that could fit the

message we so strongly believed in... practice more of the self care you deserve. We wanted to provide a physical reminder for self care. Our everlasting passion for beauty, wellness and self care guided us as we began to grow our vision of what self care could look like.

At its core, Honey & Be has one intention:

to be a constant reminder to pause for self care.

HONEY is the reminder that you deserve to treat yourself sweet.

BE is the reminder to practice BEing present while doing so.

Thank you for your support and following our journey!

Cheers to self love & sweetness

Elly & Clea