Jade vs. Rose Quartz Roller - does the difference even matter?

April 9, 2020

There is a lot of hype around facial massage, and for good reason! Facial massage not only boosts your lymphatic system but it also gives you that toned, tightened and glowing post-facial radiance that we all want! Practicing facial massage regularly does more than just get you glowing! The intentional practice of facial massage actually also slows down your mind, inviting you into a moment of comforting self care. It encourages you to tune into what you need and focus on one thing - you. 

Much of the buzz around facial massage comes from the traditional tool, the jade roller. However, there are actually two winning and notable facial rollers that you should be considering. Let's meet the famous jade roller and it's best friend, the rose quartz roller. Jade Roller vs. Rose Quartz roller - which one is for you? Are they really that different? Does it actually matter which tool you use? Let's find out! 

To begin, let's understand the difference in the stones. 



The Juicy Details: The Jade Roller is a beautiful skin care treat that dates back to Ancient Chinese History and is considered a powerful beauty tool, for its beauty and power. Since it has been around and practiced for literally centuries… they are probably onto something! Jade stone was actually used to remove negative energy and restore balance life force + energy, which is known as “chi” in traditional Chinese medicine. The act of facial rolling is an invitation to self care and is a reminder to slow down and indulge in a moment for you, and the jade stone makes this practice even more dreamy and powerful! 

  • Jade was used for centuries to protect from harm and promote health and natural healing
  • Promotes a distinct inner peace and a sense of calmness (Bring your Jade Roller with you if you know you need some calm in your day!)
  • Balances the energy and enhances positivity
  • Protects from the arrival of negative energy as well as clears any already existing negative energy and thoughts.
  • Works to stabilize inner emotions
  • Promotes clear thoughts, ideas, feelings, and insights



The Juicy Details: The Rose Quartz Roller is the dreamiest pink skin care tool made from the heart stone for a next level skin care ritual. It is believed that Cleopatra bathed with pieces of rose quartz for its healing and anti aging properties. This soft pink crystal glides on your face so smoothly and leaves you with glowing and radiant skin. The energy of the rose quartz will work with your guiding energy to promote a sense of deeper love and acceptance for yourself and others. It connects the mind and body for the ultimate intentional skin care routine. 

  • Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart (often called the Heart Stone)
  • Used as a healing stone for the body and the heart
  • Symbolizes unconditional love
  • Supports connection with others and with yourself, attracting and receiving love
  • Helps you to forgive, understand and see situations from a different perspective, helps restore trust and harmony
  • Inspires the love of beauty in oneself and others (perfect if you need more self love in your life!)
  • Soothing, comforting, & calming- a wonderful sleep crystal (keep your Rose Quartz Roller on your nightstand or under your pillow!)

Ok, so let's sum up the difference between the two, Jade Roller vs. Rose Quartz Roller

The Basics:

Jade Roller = balancing, calming, zen, relaxes the mind and releases negativity. The Jade Roller remains naturally cool to the touch.

Rose Quartz Roller = self love, receiving love, confidence, purifies the heart, inner peace. The Rose Quartz Roller sparkles with from within!

The physical appearance? 

Jade stone naturally varies from shades of light to dark green with sometimes spots of white. The color is beautiful, earthy, milky and creamy matte finish. 

Rose Quartz naturally caries from shades of light to dark pink, sometimes with shiny spots of bright white. The color is radiant and bright with a lot of visible depth throughout the stone. Rose Quartz has a glossy and silky smooth finish

Ok, so now that you have a good idea of jade vs. rose quartz stones, let's dive into the tools themselves. 

Both the Jade Roller and Rose Quartz Roller are built to last with only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Their shape is the same, both offering a double sided roller with a larger ball on one end and a smaller ball on the other. 

The jade roller vs. the rose quartz roller is naturally cool to the touch. Jade stone retains it's cooling temperature while gliding it across the face, which makes for excellent depuffing effects. 

Both tools can be stored in the fridge for cooling effects, however, if this is the main benefit you are after - a cooling massage - the jade roller might just be for you! 

The Rose quartz roller vs. the jade roller has a glossy finish, so, while both tools are designed for all skin types, if you have extremely sensitive skin - the rose quartz roller just might be the one for you! 

Additional details?

Now the jade and rose quartz rollers both come with a beautiful travel box that is designed to protect your authentic stone roller! 

Jade Box: The jade roller has a vibrant citrus pattern box, reminding you to take in those slow moments, fill yourself up with that sunlight that you deserve and feel like you best, most balanced self. 

Rose Box: The rose quartz roller has a stunning peony pattern box, reminding you to care for yourself in a more loving and tender way. Peonies remind you to treat yourself with more mindfulness and step into that confident self. 

Which one is for you? 

Now it’s time to pick which one is for you! This is the fun part. You have everything you need to know in order to make the right decision for you. Like any skin care product it is always best to know the details before making a decision! With all of this information in mind, you are ready to pick your new favorite skincare tool! YAY! 

Answer these questions and add up your answers and you will know what awaits you! 

Jade Roller vs. Rose Quartz Roller

GREEN: Are you looking for a fully zen-full experience? 

PINK: Do you want to step into your most confident self? 

GREEN: Feeling like some MAJOR depuffing is in order? 

PINK: Worried about your sensitive skin?

GREEN: Looking to let go of negativity? 

PINK: Ready to embrace more self love? 

GREEN: More of an earthy babe & love green? 

PINK: Prefer pink and sparkly? 

How many GREEN answers did you get?
How many PINK answers did you get? 

More green answers mean the Jade Roller is for you - More pink answers mean the rose quartz roller is for you! 

Ready for your top shelfie to look and feel better than ever? You might just want both ;) 

Get ready for a beauty ritual of your dreams and perfectly designed just for you. Jade Roller vs. Rose Quartz Roller - whatever you decide is for you is going to elevate your skincare routine and make you feel magical from the inside out! We want to hear from you! Which beauty tool is for you? Jade Roller vs. Rose Quartz Roller? Let us know which one is your favorite and why! Xoxo

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