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Best high quality Facial Rollers - Why Honey & Be!

January 8, 2020

The Honey & Be Facial Rollers were dreamed up in Sunny California and were inspired by citrus groves, flower fields, & all things sweet. They were designed during a time when we needed self care the most and did not know where to begin. Our intention was to create a transformative self care experience, from start to finish. We have put so much love, care and intention into the design and experience of our products so we are excited to share with you what makes them so special!

There are so many facial massage tools on the market, we totally get it! There was a point where we did not know where to look ourselves. We have tried countless other products and really know the ins and outs of what makes a good one stand out. After a lot of development, we have created a product that stands out, goes above and beyond just providing physical facial massage benefits to deliver on a full and thoughtful self care experience. Here are the top 5 reasons a Honey & Be Facial Roller should be on your top shelf for beauty and self care!


The Honey & Be Facial Rollers are hand crafted with attention to detail. We have thought through every part of the experience of facial rolling and added features to our products to ensure smooth rolling and flawless performance. We work with our amazing Research & Development Team on an ongoing basis to ensure the Honey & Be Facial Rollers are the highest quality possible. We personally add an organic non comedogenic oil like Argan oil to the rollers to avoid excess squeaking. Additionally, our team has modified the handle design of our rollers for durability and long lasting use.


When we first started Honey & Be we were surprised to find out that many rollers out there actually use plastics, or even dyed glass to create their rollers! This did not feel at all right to us and of course did not fit with our high vibe positive self care energy! The Honey & Be Facial Rollers are made only with 100% certified authentic pure stones. Our gorgeous Rose Quartz stone is sustainably harvested from Brazil & our dreamy Jade stone is sustainably harvested from China. The stones that we use are hand selected by our quality team. Only the most unique, beautiful and special stones are selected.


Rose Quartz sparkles with different hues of stunning pink. Rose quartz connects the heart and body and promotes self love and confidence. Jade naturally varies in gorgeous shades of green, reminding you that it is uniquely yours. Jade contains balancing and calming energy, inviting you to slow down. Since all of our stones are 100% authentic, no two will be alike! We find this particularly special because each stone carries a powerful energy that becomes unique to you and what you need.


We want you to have the best experience possible! Our products are tested by our quality team throughout the production process. They are then personally inspected by us before shipping to you. Should your roller arrive with any issues, this likely happened during transit! We will always always personally handle any questions you have! It is our top priority that you have a seamless, cared for and thoughtful experience.


Not only are there tremendous physical benefits of facial massage, but there is also benefits within the stones themselves. Stones carry energy with them, over time and as they come in contact with more people. At its core, Jade stone is balancing and calming while Rose Quartz promotes self love and confidence. We do not want these beautiful energies to be interrupted in your self care experience! That is why before shipping, we energy cleanse each roller with purifying materials such as a sage smudge, selenite crystal and clear quartz. These things neutralize the energy within the stones and make them ready for you!


The Honey & Be Jade & Rose Quartz Facial Rollers come in thoughtfully designed packaging that is meant to stand out. We put a lot of love and intention behind our packaging, read more here! and our hope is that seeing these pretty fresh patterns become your invitation to treat yourself sweet every day.

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