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January 8, 2020

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By now, I am sure you have seen the latest beauty trend. Facial Rolling. A trend? A craze? A fad? Who cares what you call it! But what you should know is that this is far from a trend that will come and go, facial rolling is important and it is here to stay.

Did you know that facial rolling isn't actually so “new?” It has in fact been around for hundreds of years and has been a huge part of ancient Chinese culture!

While rolling your face might seem a little confusing or bizarre at first, it is extremely important for your facial tissue, facial muscles and skin’s overall health.  

You can check out the different kinds of Facial Rollers in our other posts, here and here! Different rollers have various properties and uses based on their shape, size and stone type.

Regardless of the type of roller you use, the main benefits remain the same. So, if you have been wondering, “what the heck is this facial rolling thing all about??” I am here to tell you.

Peek below for the top 5 reasons facial rolling should be part of your everyday routine!


Tension held in the face is due to stress, staring at a computer, serious concentration, uneasy sleep or just general habit! You might not even realize that you hold tension in your face… but as you read this, let me tell you this, “relax your face right now.” Notice anything? I bet you felt your face relax a little. Holding tension in the face leads to premature wrinkles, promotes fine lines to set and often results in headaches. Facial rolling releases tension in the facial muscles, making you feel your absolute best!


What the heck? Your face (and entire body!) contains lymph nodes. When you practice facial rolling you are literally removing toxins from under your skins delicate tissues. There are lymph nodes behind your ears and under your chin. Think of lymph nodes as little filters for toxins, similar to how blood vessels filter blood through your respiratory system. The face however, does not move the same way the rest the body does, which is why facial massage is important to get things moving! The fluids under your skin and in your delicate facial tissue must be moved to your lymph nodes in order for proper filtration of bacteria and viruses. When there is an excess of fluids; blockages in the pores can occur, resulting in acne. Get a roll on!


Facial rolling generates muscle movement in the face, which clears and eliminates toxins through the lymph nodes. When these fluids are moved, filtered and cleared, you are actually strengthening and stretching your facial muscles. Like a gentle yoga stretch class… or a SoulCycle class for your sweet face, depending on the kind of pressure apply! Additionally, you are increasing oxygen flow under the skin and releasing endorphins (yay endorphins!!) Because you are displacing unwanted and extra fluids from the face, facial rolling reduces puffiness around the face and eyes. Look good and feel even better! Not convinced yet?


One way to practice facial rolling is to cleanse your face, apply your favorite facial oil or serum and then roll the product into your skin. The facial roller helps the skin absorb your products deeply into your skin instead of them just sitting on top. The result? Juicy pores that are loving you and thanking you for filling them with that product that is your ride or die.


Facial rolling is a very intentional and beautiful process. It takes more time than just applying a facemask and takes a bit of focus. When you practice facial rolling you actually have to slow down and pause. You are able to treat yourself sweet and treat your skin with the extra love it deserves. We all need something in the day that asks us to be more present and facial rolling is the perfect practice for this. You deserve it!

Now there are of course many other reasons facial rolling is important! You can check out these posts, here and here to learn about the different kind of rollers and their individual benefits. For now, remember this, you exercise and move your entire body, why not your face? Your face contains 43 muscles! Treat those babies sweet! Plus, who doesn't love the newest, coolest and good-for-you thing? :)

Let us know your experience with facial massage and if you have any questions!

Have the sweetest day!