Jade Roller Before & After + REAL Photos Post Facial Massage!

April 9, 2020

The jade facial roller trend is here to stay, but do they offer more than just an instagramable photo? 

Let’s dive into this major beauty fad that we predict is shaping up to be much more temporary trend. The jade roller is taking the beauty and skincare community on like fire, we’ve all seen it buzzing around the internet like crazy! We are here to chat all the latest about this beauty tool that everyone can’t keep their hands off of. 

Beyond the major health benefits that jade facial rolling has, which you can read in detail here, the best part is that jade rolling gives you INSTANT results. Yep, that’s right, it literally will transform, depuff, brighten, lift and relax the face immediately. How? The main jade roller benefit is that it promotes deep lymphatic drainage in the face and neck. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to see for yourself. 

People seem to have mixed feelings about jade roller benefits, however, we are here to debunk that and convince you that you absolutely NEED one. It will complete you beauty routine and self care ritual. Hear us out. 

How Does It Work? - The Science Behind Benefits of Jade Roller

One of the biggest and most notable benefits of jade rolling is the intense lymphatic drainage process. You have a huge and delicate lymphatic system in the face and neck and when you activate it though intentional massage, you really get things flowing. The lymphatic system flushes toxins out from the skins tissue which reduces puffiness, build up, pressure, and even causes of acne. Additionally, when you use a jade facial roller that has been in the fridge, the cooling effects of the stone boost the blood circulation even more and maximize the depuffing effects. The cool jade stone brightens and tightens the skin, think of it like rubbing an ice cube on your face! 

The Method - Experience Jade Roller Benefits

In order to achieve these kinds of results, you need a few things. First of all, you need a high quality jade roller. Many facial rollers are made out of dyed glass or synthetic materials, which will not result in the same kind of benefits. Natural and authentic jade stone also carries healing properties which activate the skin in a unique way. In order to fully experience jade roller benefits, you must be using the beauty tool correctly. What does this mean? Since you have lymph nodes on the outside of your face, you must only roll the jade roller in outward motions starting from the center of your face. If you are not achieving your desired benefits, it could be due to improper use. Read a detail description on how to use your jade facial roller here.

The Proof - Jade Roller Benefits Before and After

Before this… reminder - we think you are radiant inside and OUT! One of the major benefits of jade rolling is that it simply feels good and it is an act of self love (which we all deserve!)

You may have seen some crazy and unbelievable images of jade rolling before and after, however we want to be real with you! There is absolutely nothing out there that will erase every single wrinkle or dark circle (sorry babe, sometimes those are just genetic.) However, with a little lymphatic drainage action and active massage, you will see a difference. 

Take a peek below to see for yourself. Here is what you can expect: 

Depuffed eyes: this one is guaranteed! Puffy eyes are a result of stagnant fluids in the skins tissue. By massaging it you are displacing it and helping it move through your facial lymphatic system. 

Brighter and youthful looking skin: You will see brighter and more youthful skin because you are MAJORLY boosting the blood circulation within the face which gets the oxygen flowing, making you appear awake! You may even see a bit of flushed skin, this is normal and adds to your youthful glow. 

Plump and vibrant complexion: This is a huge jade roller benefit before and after...when you pull your jade facial roller out of the fridge and use directly on the skin, magic happens. The cool stone energizes the face and plumps the skin in all the right areas. It will give you that healthy vibrant glow! Jade stone stays naturally cool even when it comes in contact with the skin, which just ads to the experience! 

Less fine lines: There’s more jade facial roller benefits! You will see less fine lines throughout the face. Why? Well, this is because wrinkles tend to set where we scrunch and hold tension in our facial expressions. When you use the jade facial roller all over the face, you are massaging out those muscles, like within the forehead where you might have been holding tension and causing wrinkles.

Reduced forehead and jaw tension: Like we said before, we tend to carry a lot of tension within our face and jaw, which can cause headaches and jaw pain. Using a jade roller in targeted areas like the forehead and jaw, we are gently forcing our muscles to relax and take a break. Instant relief! 

Moment of balance & calm: The last instant benefit of jade rolling is the deep feeling of balance and calm. Using an authentic jade facial roller will invite these energies into your routine! Jade stone carries healing energies of balance, calm, zen and peace. By slowing down for an intentional moment with this beauty tool you will automatically feel calm and glowing from within. 

This is one of those beauty buys that you will never regret purchasing! It’s a timeless buy that will always make you feel and look amazing. There is a reason that everyone is raving about them, jade roller benefits are endless! Need more convincing? Take it from Summer Fridays co-founder, lifestyle and beauty blogger and Instagram famous Mariana Hewitt says “It’s one of my favorite beauty tools to use with serums and facial oils. I keep my in the fridge for some added benefits.” Additionally, the majorly trusted Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential “YOU ALWAYS want some form of muscle stimulation through massage- between face massage & good skincare choices, this will make skin appear more youthful. Massage in the face gets rid of toxins too…SOOOO basically the more blood stimulation the better.” 

Major health benefits, check. Instant results, check, 

So, the consensus is in, the jade roller benefits are truly endless, you will most likely even discover some of your own! The popular jade rolling trend is here to stay, it is worth all the hype and it is more than just a cute instagramable photo (although they do look super cute in a flaylay.) 

What benefits have you experienced from jade rolling? Share your jade roller benefits before and after with us, we would love to see! xoxo