Is your jade roller the real deal?! Why you should NEVER buy a cheap jade roller!

April 9, 2020

If you’ve been in the market for a jade facial roller or rose quartz facial roller, you have probably discovered a lot of options at various price points. This can lead to a lot of confusion and uncertainty around where to begin! However, there are a few things you should know before purchasing one and if you already have one - it might be time for an upgrade. 

We have tested SO many rollers and have found a few consistent issues with these “cheaper” jade facial rollers and rose quartz facial rollers on the market. After talking to many people at events, markets, online and in our social media communities, we have come to realize that SO many people are having a negative experience with their jade roller. The reason? When talking to everyone, the common theme in negative experiences is that the jade roller was cheap, poor quality and ultimately NOT delivering expected results. While it might seem like a no brainer to purchase a $5 jade facial roller, we can guarantee you that they are NOT worth it and in fact, might be causing more harm than good. Let’s dive into some of these common problems we see. Which one can you relate to? 

Main problems you will find in cheap jade facial rollers:

Problem 1) There is a HUGE lack of transparency among cheap facial roller companies. Many cheap facial rollers are NOT ethically sourced and some are actually made of synthetic materials & DYED GLASS!

  • Cheap facial rollers are not always made from ethically sourced stones
  • Shocking fact: many rollers are actually made from synthetic materials and dyed glass which are not something you want to be using on your delicate skin!
  • So many stones are overproduced which is causing harm to the environment, and if you aren’t sure where your stones are being sourced, that could be creating a negative impact on the environment.

Our solution: Honey & Be only uses 100% certified authentic stones in our jade and rose quartz facial rollers and gua sha tools, always.

When we first created our product line, we were SHOCKED to find out that many rollers out there actually use plastics, or even dyed glass to create their rollers! This did not feel at all right to us and of course did not fit with our high vibe positive self care energy! The Honey & Be Jade and Rose Quartz Facial Rollers and Gua Sha beauty tools are made only with 100% certified authentic pure stones. Our gorgeous Rose Quartz stone is sustainably harvested from Brazil & our dreamy Jade stone is sustainably harvested from China. The stones that we use are hand selected by our quality team. Only the most unique, beautiful and special stones are selected. 

Since Honey & Be uses authentic stones only, you are getting the proper benefits from the stones! Rose Quartz sparkles with different hues of stunning pink. Rose quartz connects the heart and body and promotes self love and confidence. Jade naturally varies in gorgeous shades of green, reminding you that it is uniquely yours. Jade contains balancing and calming energy, inviting you to slow down. Since all of our stones are 100% authentic, no two will be alike! We find this particularly special because each stone carries a powerful energy that becomes unique to you and what you need.

Other things you should know:

Our team is consciously to make sure that the footprint that they are leaving is not damaging the Earth. We value transparency and want you to know where your products are coming from, how they are made and what they are made of! Honey & Be is based in Southern California- all of our products were designed by hand and packaged personally by us in LA. Our beauty tools are also energy cleansed in LA before shipping with palo santo and clear quartz. We source our rose quartz stone from Brazil and our Jade stone from China. Our amazing manufacturing team has a quality control process that authenticates each piece and delivers a test report to us. All of our beauty tools are hand made by experts in a fair, safe and comfortable work environment. After the design process is complete, our manufacturer sends us photos and videos of the process so we have visibility during the creation process. Our manufacturing team also has an excessive ethic standards document that ensures they are protecting the environment, not disturbing the land consistently making improvements. The document also ensures that the entire team of professionals is being taken care of under fair labor conditions. This is something that we regularly discuss with our entire team as it is very important to us that we are only putting love and good vibes into the world... especially when we are all about mindfulness & self care!

Problem 2) 

Cheap jade and rose quartz facial rollers are not built to last and have MANY quality issues, including: 

  • They fall apart quickly due to poor construction
  • They are built from flimsy & metal that rusts
  • The rolling experience is not smooth and they squeak upon use
  • They are often not polished correctly resulting in holes in the stone which is unsanitary and leads to a buildup of bacteria & dirt, & SO much more. 

Sound familiar? 

Our solution: Honey & Be Jade Facial Rollers & Rose Quartz Facial rollers are HANDCRAFTED & HIGH QUALITY, so they are built to last. 

Our products are handcrafted with incredible attention to detail that sets us apart from the rest! We have thought through every part of the experience of facial rolling and added features to our products to ensure smooth rolling and flawless performance. The Honey & Be Jade Facial Roller and Gua Sha beauty tools are energy cleansed and personally inspected before shipment. Our Jade Facial Roller features a thicker carved handle which ensures long lasting durability and comfortable grip. Our Gua Shas are designed to provide the optimal shape for lifting & sculpting. We have added special features that you probably would not notice unless we told you, such as the cute little white cap that sits between the metal frame and the stone. This tiny addition seems subtle but promises smooth rolling and flawless performance. 

We work with our amazing Research & Development Team on an ongoing basis to ensure the Honey & Be Facial Rollers are the highest quality possible. If you ever have any feedback for us please email us at we truly appreciate our customers’ input and would love to hear from you!


Honey & Be Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set

Problem 3) Crystals carry energy and when you buy a cheap facial roller, you can never be sure where that crystal actually came from, if it’s even a real crystal or what kind of energy it carries! 

  • There’s nothing about bringing unknown energy + bad juju into your home that sounds like a good idea. 

Our solution: Honey & Be stones are energy cleansed to ensure high vibes only!

Not only are there tremendous physical benefits of facial massage, but there are also benefits within the stones themselves. Stones carry energy with them, over time and as they come in contact with more people. At its core, Jade stone is balancing and calming while Rose Quartz promotes self love and confidence. We do not want these beautiful energies to be interrupted in your self care experience! That is why before shipping, we energy cleanse each roller with purifying materials such as a sage smudge, selenite crystal and clear quartz. These things neutralize the energy within the stones and make them ready for you!


Honey & Be Rose Quartz Roller & Gua Sha Set

Problem 4) When you purchase a cheap jade roller, you are often purchasing a cheap experience as well. 

  • Cheap jade rollers are created by companies with subpar customer service, a lack of care! Rollers often arrive broken with no customer support experience. We have literally seen broken jade rollers on the SHELVES in stores… 

Our solution: Honey & Be is a self care beauty brand with YOU always in mind.  We provide unbeatable customer service and are always here for you after you make a purchase with Honey & Be!

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for your new facial roller to arrive, only to realize it is actually broken into multiple pieces. We’ve experienced this MANY times with brands that we’ve tested and seen countless customer reviews of other brands that don’t prioritize quality which results in broken product. We totally get it and are here for you 100%! 

That’s why we truly make it a point to provide excellent customer service & a personal touch, always. We always want you to have the best experience possible and are here for you if you ever have any questions about your Honey & Be product or need anything! Our products are tested by our quality team throughout the production process. They are then personally inspected by us before shipping to you. Should your roller arrive with any issues, this likely happened during transit! We will always always personally handle any questions you have! It is our top priority that you have a seamless, cared for and thoughtful experience.

A photo of us- Elly on the left & Clea on the right! xoxo

Problem 5) Cheap jade and rose quartz facial rollers often arrive in flimsy packaging and you have nowhere to store your roller!

  • In the product development phase, we meticulously tested SO.MANY.ROLLERS. We’ve ordered jade and rose quartz facial rollers and realized that a lot of them don’t include a pouch and a travel box for storage which is unsanitary & not thoughtful.

Our solution: with Honey & Be you receive more than a facial roller- you get a complete self care experience!

The Honey & Be Jade & Rose Quartz Facial Rollers and Facial Roller & Gua Sha Sets come in thoughtfully designed packaging that is meant to stand out. We put a lot of love and intention behind our packaging, read more about it here! Our hope is that seeing these pretty fresh patterns become your invitation to treat yourself sweet every day. 

Honey & Be Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set

Take a peek at our product pages to see what’s included with each of our products!

Jade Roller

Rose Quartz Roller

Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set

Rose Quartz Roller & Gua Sha Set

We hope that this blog post sheds some light on why it’s important to invest in a QUALITY facial roller by a brand that you believe in!  Let us know if you have any questions- we're here for you!


Clea & Elly

Co-Founders of Honey & Be