How to use Jade or Rose Quartz Roller- STEP BY STEP Facial Massage Instructions!

April 9, 2020

There's nothing like that post facial massage G L O W. There is a reason why sooo many people are obsessed with this trending skincare secret… facial massage seriously improves the appearance of your face & skin! Facial massage promotes lymphatic drainage which de-puffs the face, brightens the under eye area, boosts blood circulation for a radiant glow, reduces tension in the face to reduce fine lines & wrinkles, slims & sculpts the face... truly all the things you could ever want in your beauty routine. If you prep your skin for the day with facial massage, if you decide to apply makeup after it will look silkier than ever, we promise. If you end the day with a facial massage, you will feel so relaxed and your skin will feel taken care of. PLUS, you wake up looking like a glowing goddess in the AM. The best part is that it only takes a few MINUTES a day to start seeing and feeling some major results… so, are you in?!

Okay now that you’re convinced you want to try facial massage, there are a few things you need to know in order to use your Jade or rose quartz facial roller correctly & most effectively. These crystal beauty tools are the perfect way to get that *I just walked out of a facial appointment* glow that we all want, without the $200 price tag. If you want the highest quality roller you can find, check out our handcrafted, one of a kind collection of crystal beauty tools HERE! We have a rose quartz roller for all you self love queens out there, a jade roller for you zen earthy babes, and a rose quartz roller and gua sha set/ a jade roller and gua sha set for anyone who wants the ultimate facial massage dynamic duo. 

Let’s break down a super easy & effective facial massage routine that we love to do in the morning or evening with our jade or rose quartz roller!  

Facial massage is a bit of an art. Just like an artist has to set up their space, tools, and canvas before they create a masterpiece, so do you if you want to maximize your facial massage! Here are all of the things we love doing to prepare for a facial massage. We recommend these steps to anyone who wants to take their facial massage experience to the next level and soak in alll the amazing benefits.


  1. COOL. If you want major de-puffing effects, cool your jade or rose quartz facial roller in the fridge before using. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND trying this out in the morning! *optional step*
  2. CLEANSE. You’re always going to want to start with a cleansed face, so use your favorite cleanser so you have a clean base to work with. 
  3. SELF CARE MINDSET + SPACE. Facial massage is such a relaxing process… you will seriously love how it slows the mind down & makes you feel. It’s important to have a cozy & clean space so your mind feels clear. Make sure your space is all tidied up, take a few deep breaths and set an intention for your self care practice. This is YOUR time, really make sure you’re ready to indulge in it! 
  4. HYDRATE. Next, apply a facial oil or serum to your face- or both if you’re anything like us and love to treat your skin. You can use whichever you prefer with a facial roller, however one thing we will say is that a facial oil is a bit easier to work with and allows your beauty tools to glide more easily across the skin. We do definitely recommend using a facial oil (not a serum) when using our gua sha sculpting tools. 

Now that you’re all set up, let's dive into some of our favorite facial massage techniques!


With facial massage, you are promoting lymphatic drainage which is moving the fluids OUT from underneath the skin. The fluids that remain stagnant in different areas of the face is what causes major puffiness and bloating which is why it’s SO important to get this moving and drained through the lymph nodes. 


  1. ACTIVATE THROUGH THE NECK. Start your facial massage by starting at the jaw and rolling down the neck a few times. This will begin to activate major lymphatic drainage!
  2. BEGIN LOW ON THE FACE. You always want to start low on the face to make sure you promote lymphatic drainage properly & drain the fluids out of the face. Begin on your jaw area and work your way up the face throughout your facial massage.
  3. ROLL FROM THE CENTER OF THE FACE, OUT. Begin your facial massage 
  4. UPWARDS & OUTWARDS, ALWAYS. Always move in upwards and outwards motions, never go back and forth, unless you’re trying to relieve tension in the face.
  5. DE-PUFF THE UNDER EYES. Use the smaller end of your jade or rose quartz roller to de-puff the under eye area. You’re definitely gonna want to use a cold roller for this so pop it in the fridge overnight, trust us!
  6. SCULPT THE JAWLINE & CHEEKBONES. Your roller is your new best friend in the de-puffing, lifting & sculpting department. 
  7. SMOOTH THE FOREHEAD. Massage your roller upwards & outwards over your forehead to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from setting! Your roller is HUGE help in relieving any tension you’re carrying in your face which has insane anti aging benefits.
  8. REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT. Repeat each motion a few times in the same area at least 3x, but the more the better. The facial massage process is such a treat so really enjoy the meditative vibes and take this time to relax, listen to a podcast or some peaceful music and enjoy. You seriously deserve it!
  9. DRAIN IT ALL DOWN THE NECK. After rolling upwards and outwards. you always want to make sure you finish your facial massage by bringing it down the neck to flush everything out.
  10. RELIEVE TENSION, PAIN & PRESSURE AS NEEDED. You can use your roller to relieve tension in the facial muscles by rolling back and forth in a very targeted area with medium-heavy pressure. If you tend to clench your jaw, this is amazing for getting all of that pressure out of your face which is a life saver! You can also use your roller to help relieve sinus pressure if you’re sick or stuffy, just focus a bit more than you normally would on the sinus area.


Be sure to watch this tutorial video that we made where Elly walks you through how to use your jade or rose quartz facial roller, step by step! 


There are a few things that we recommend doing to be sure that your roller remains totally sanitary & ready to use next time! 

  • Using a damp cloth and some mild soap, gently wipe down your Jade or Rose Quartz Facial Roller. Dry your roller completely with a separate dry cloth before storing. You can use a makeup wipe instead if you’re on the go often like us!
  • If you’re cozied up at home, store your roller in its pouch after cleansing to keep it safe & sanitary! 
  • If you store your roller in your bathroom, make sure you keep it in its box to keep it out of contact with steam from the shower.
  • If you’re traveling, store your roller in its pretty printed box whenever you can to protect the delicate stone while you’re on the go!
  • If you’re putting your roller in the refrigerator, keep it in its soft travel pouch to keep it sanitary… away from your fruits, veggies & whatever else is in your fridge ;) 

We hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful- we always love sharing our tips and chatting all things skincare, beauty, wellness, & self care with you! If you try this out, tag us on Instagram so we can see you glow @honeyandbedaily- we LOVE seeing you using your jade and rose quartz rollers!


Clea & Elly, Co-Founders of Honey & Be

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