intentional self care - Why Our Packaging Matters | honey & be

June 4, 2019

Honey & Be was born on the idea that every. single. thing in our brand, from our messaging, product, packaging and experience should be thoughtful and extremely intentional. We are an “intentional self care” company after all!

We believe that self care can be practiced in such a variety of ways, true self care is committing to do the work to discover what it is that you need… and then practice that daily. With this belief around self care in mind, we wanted to design products that were physical reminders for you to slow down, pause and practice that self care. While our Jade and Rose Quartz Rollers are wonderful tools to give extra love to your skin, they are only one way to practice self care! The heart and soul of Honey & Be is built on the idea that, no matter what kind of self care you practice, we want to be your physical reminder to just pause and do it.

This has been our messaging from the very beginning and was the leading factor as we began to design our packaging. What we knew, was that our packaging had a mission. It had to stop people, make them feel something and then take action on self care. Our packaging needed to shift the mind, it needed to be designed in a way that brought self care front of mind every day.

Most packaging that products come in turns is thrown away. Our hope was to be different. We wanted our packaging to be something that people actually wanted to keep and place somewhere they would see... a desk, a nightstand, a bathroom, a closet shelf.

The Honey & Be product boxes were dreamed up to serve as very intentional messages, pieces of art, self care reminders and of course a practical yet beautiful place to store the delicate product.

We currently have two boxes (more coming soon? ;) ) Our original dreamy citrus pattern box for our Honey Jade Roller and our elegant pink peony pattern box for our Honey Rose Quartz Roller. As for the inspiration for each? Peek below!

The Honey Citrus Box was dreamed up in the Spring of 2018. We were in love with a Beach House song, Lemon Glow and had it on repeat that entire season. We truly do not think that this cutie box would have been citrus inspired if it was not for that song. At the time, we needed something that brought joy, happiness, health and excitement into our lives. Elly spent that spring making fresh orange juice almost every day and Clea started all her mornings with lemon water. Multiple times that spring we ventured into citrus fields somewhere in the middle of southern Cali, while blasting Lemon Glow of course, and felt such a refreshing feeling. Freedom, joy, laughter, love… our souls were filled by the combination of citrus hues, tangy citrus taste and the awakening scent. We were in love. It was that spring that citrus became our physical reminder for self care and our hope in this design is that it will spark that same happiness and freshness that ultimately triggers a reminder for self care.

Our stunning peony pattern was inspired by flower fields and that feeling of the beginning of summer. We wanted a pattern that would reflect self love, confidence, and elegance with a tad of sass. Peonies have been Elly’s favorite flowers since she was a little girl growing up on the east coast. For her, the smell of garden peonies brings her back to a place of pure bliss, a place of ultimate happiness and deep reflection. Clea fills her home with peonies every summer and appreciates how they bring her space truly to life. Peonies remind Clea of the beauty for the small things in life and the power of having gratitude for that. We both appreciate how short lived peonies are, their scent so powerful that you can smell them almost just by thinking about them. They are a forever reminder of the hues of one of our favorite colors, a color that makes us feel beautiful from within. Pink is a reminder of love and so, this was the perfect pattern to represent the deepest love that exists… the love that you have with yourself. Since self love is the essence and energy of our Honey Rose Quartz roller, peonies on its box confidentially became our decision. Our hope is that your peony pattern box reminds you of the power within self love.

We encourage you place your box somewhere in your home, on top of a stack of coffee table books, next to a candle, or by your vanity. Let it be your reminder to pause and practice any kind of self care. You deserve it!


Elly & Clea