The Beauty Secret Every Influencer Loves

January 8, 2020

We all want that inner radiance, head turning, jaw dropping, post facial glow, everyday - all the time. It’s like a non stop hunt for the products, tips, rituals and routines that will do the trick. Many of us believe that it’s all about what we put topically on the skin, however, the secret? Well, it starts from within. Let’s get into the beauty secret that every influencer loves. 

We all have something in our body called the lymphatic system. Heard of it? Most likely. However, do you know what it actually does and why it is so important? The lymphatic system is talked about by doctors and raved about by celebrities and influencers. The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system and the immune system. It contains vessels, tissues and organs that support the body in getting rid of toxins. Having a healthy lymphatic system not only is important for well rounded body health, but is also important in skin health. Let’s make it clear, essentially the lymphatic system can help detoxify the body, reduce puffiness and swelling, increases immunity, and reduce muscle tension. 

Ok, for the fun part! There is a major lymphatic system in the face and neck, a system that needs physical manipulation in order to really get things moving. Now, this is where the magic happens. Keep reading to learn about those visible results we all want to experience. Have you ever woken up with puffy eyes or just a puffy face? Either from lack of sleep, too much sodium, drinking or being sick. Well, this puffiness is caused by the buildup of fluids (TOXINS) in the face and the lymphatic system need to get engaged pronto! Another example, do you find yourself ever scrunching your forehead unconsciously and then noticing fine lines creeping up on you? Or perhaps you clench your jaw and get horrible headaches? All of these things can be avoided and healed with some magical little tools.  

Let’s dive in: 

Now that you understand why your precious lymphatic system is so important, let’s get to the juicy deets. Let me introduce to you the rose quartz facial roller. Influencers and celebrities have been swearing by lymphatic drainage and facial massage for quite a while now and it’s time you hop on board! The key to consistently smooth, youthful, plump and healthy skin is found within the practice of using a jade or rose quartz facial roller. 

The rose quartz facial roller is like your magic little pink wand that you will never want to live without. The crazy thing is that facial rollers have actually been used for thousands, yes thousands of years to maintain the oxygen and fluid flow within the body. When a rose quartz roller is used on the face in onward and upwards motions, it will naturally reduce puffiness. Rolling a rose quartz roller on the face will relax muscles which eliminates the setting of fine lines and wrinkles. By using the rose quartz roller, the lymphatic drainage system is engaged, releasing toxins that are stagnant within the skins tissue. This can even help reduce some causes of acne and make the skin appear brighter, vibrant and energized. Think of using the rose quartz roller as a workout for your face! You are getting your inner system flowing all while feeling and looking great. 

Why is it the best kept secret?
Well, the reason that every celebrity and influencer has their hand on one of these is simple! They aid us in maintaining a healthy lymphatic system while giving us instant results! No patience needed. Mindfulness and meditation is such a hot topic right now and creating a skincare routine that involves a rose quartz facial roller is next level intentional! They are easy to use and can be incorporated into any skincare routine as well. Just pair it with your favorite skincare product, pop it out of the fridge and there you go - like magic, you have a spa- like treatment in your own hands. 

The rose quartz facial roller reduces major puffiness and tightens and tones the skin. It also brightens the complexion, making this beauty tool a MUST to use before applying makeup for a flawless application. Not a makeup kind of day? Perfect, a rose quartz facial roller is the thing you want to use to achieve that confident, beautiful-you, naturally glowing skin. Also, did you know that rose quartz is the stone of love? It opens the heart space to give and receive more love. It balances the heart chakra and heals from within. Rose quartz stone also carries the energetic benefits of releasing negative energy and clears emotional tension. So, yes. It is basically a magic wand. 

What you must know! 

There are a LOT of facial rollers out there, but don’t be fooled! Many rollers look like real rose quartz but they actually are made out of synthetic materials or dyed glass. Many rose quartz rollers also have poor construction and are not built to last. When purchasing a facial roller, think of it like you are investing in the health of your skin and a treatment for your body! You don’t want the cheap stuff. Be sure that you are getting a rose quartz facial roller that is high quality, hand crafted and made with certified authentic stone. Shop our favorite here

There are endless benefits to facial massage, you might as well experience them for yourself! The best part? Our favorite tools come in the cutest ever travel box and fridge pouch so you can literally take it wherever you go! Bye bye puffy eyes forever. xoxo

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Photos by The Skinny Confidential