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Jade Roller

balance + calm


Indulge in a calming facial massage. Jade stone contains balancing and calming energy, inviting you to slow down. The Honey & Be Jade Roller features a larger stone and provides a targeted deep facial massage. Jade stone naturally varies in gorgeous shades of green, reminding you that it is uniquely yours. The jade roller benefits go on and on. Use our jade facial roller and share your jade roller before and after experience!

Rose Quartz Roller

self love + confidence


Experience a facial massage infused with self love. Rose quartz connects the heart and body and promotes self love and confidence. Our Honey Rose Quartz Roller features a smaller stone and provides a delicate facial massage. Rose Quartz sparkles with different hues of stunning pink. Its purifying energy is ready to give you what you need. There are endless rose quartz roller benefits! Be sure to share your rose quartz roller before and after - we must see!

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Set your self care intention with Honey & Be to discover what self care truly means to you. Honey & Be is your invitation to practice more of the self care that you deserve.

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